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Fully handmade Stone build house from natural stone

Construction example of stone built villa, handmade from natural stone and 100% eco friendly :

The following stone built villa of 120 sq.m is part of 2 houses project including a pool, the villa combines the traditional with the modern techinique.

The plot of land was found by our company according to the client requirements.
The villa has been designed by our team of civil engineers and architects according to our client's requirements and needs.
Our company undertook fully the construction procedure.

Construction stages:

1)Land selection:

DJI 0358


2) Preparation of plans for the specific plot of land:

floor plans



IMG 20200508 175306


4)Clean concrete, and foundation construction with reinforced steel:

20220121 125735  

20220201 123548


5)Stone walls construction, all stone peaces have been worked by hand, wiring has been incluted in the walls.

20220413 115932



 6)Completion of the stone walls and concrete roof construction, roof terrace has been planned too.

20220518 121830

20220531 083718

 20220614 164626 lower




 7)Electrical installations, plumbing, floors insulation and tiling... 

20220808 090158 20220804 092130

20220808 091147  20221012 102244

20221012 104113  20221012 111158

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